Lighting can be used to create a moment or be part of a moment at your Celebration. Lighting can bring energy, drama or romance to the room or a space. Often referred to as living decor you can use lighting to change the look and feel or your Celebration at a moments notice. With today's lighting the same room can look dramatically different in an instant with color changes. Intelligent Lighting with a skilled technician can bring the wow factor to any room and any event.

We offer the latest in state-of-the-art Technology Lighting and can design a room that best suits your decorating needs. Lighting or “Live Décor” can create a very elegant and exciting atmosphere whether we provide our parameter light-emitting diode (LED) up-lights for a beautiful look and or custom intelligent dance floor lighting, this type of décor will make any room come alive.

Ask how lighting can be used to create any number of moods or looks throughout your event.


Mike Sipe Entertainment, Events & Productions provides its clients with full service audio needs. We provide state-of-the-art sound for any size event, from small intimate affairs, parameter sound to a concert stage setting. For AV support, backline, monitors and front of house sound.

We customize our audio packages to provide our clients with the best solutions for all of your specific needs. With your vision and our collaborative expertise, we create a very memorable experience with every Celebration.


From National/Regional/Local AV Companies, Concert Promoters, Event Planners, to Local Clients at Mike Sipe Entertainment, Events & Productions we take pride in knowing our role, and making the events happen beyond our clients expectations.

We offer professional commercial grade Concert Series Staging to Illuminated state-of-the-art staging and dance risers.


Because Meetings Happen Every Day...

Not every Business Meeting demands a big production, however all Meetings deserve a clear, concise communication style and/or the "impression power" of professional support visuals.

A number of the top-quality services that Mike Sipe Entertainment, Events & Productions provides for large Meetings and Events, however can also make a big difference in the types of Meetings that happen in meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, hospitality suites, customer boardrooms, even private offices. We offer a broad range of visuals such as projection screens LED Monitors and Panel Screens. Chances are, one of those Meetings is happening somewhere in your organization today.

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